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Children’s Dental Care

Did you know that research shows almost 50% of children aged 6 years and under have preventable dental cavities? Early childhood dental decay influences long-term oral health as well as general health and wellbeing. This is just one of the many reasons your children should start their dental care shortly after their first teeth erupt.

By having checkups early in life, they won’t develop dental fears and will learn how to take proper care of their teeth and gums. At Smiles in Currambine, our team enjoys caring for paediatric patients. We understand the unique needs of even the youngest of kids. Not only do we strive to help them enjoy a cavity-free smile – we also aim to make dental visits something that they can look forward to.

We Serve Patients of Every Age

Little boy sitting on mother's lap in dentist chairEach child has unique oral health needs that are crucial to the development of their future smile. Thanks to regular care and maintenance, it’s possible for your son or daughter to enjoy a healthy smile well into adulthood.

We do this by offering a variety of care options for children, including:

  • Routine check-ups and cleanings
  • Early cavity detection
  • Tailored oral hygiene education
  • Protective dental sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Restorative fillings and crowns, as necessary

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CBDS)

We are happy to accept insurance plans, including CDBS and have an on-site HICAPS machine to file all claims straightaway, so that there’s no follow up billing for your child’s dental care.

Schedule your child’s check-up and clean every six months beginning at age one to promote a lifetime of healthy teeth. You can reach us by phone or email to book a time for children’s dentistry Currambine.

Our Oral Health Education Programme

Smiles in Currambine works closely with local early childhood service providers to present oral health education programs for children ages 2-5 , which they also follow up with a short Q&A session for early childhood educators.

The program is a great opportunity to engage with children and families about oral health and to embed oral health promotion within the early learning curriculum. We aim to introduce young kids to healthy tooth brushing and healthy eating habits in order to avoid unnecessary dental emergencies and promote healthier smiles. It’s an area Dentist Dr Neha Singh feels very passionate about.

Early childhood is a critical time when lifetime habits are established.”

Protect Your Child’s Smile

Do you need to book a checkup for your child? Contact us today to make a booking. Saturday visits are available, or you can get in on the day!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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