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Custom Mouthguards

Young boys playing soccerAt Smiles in Currambine, we provide a full range of services to suit every member of your family. If you or your child are active in sport, you’ve likely experienced an injury. Have you considered the importance of protecting your mouth, jaw and head? A custom-created mouthguard can provide the safety you need.

Our experienced team can assist you in making sure that you don’t sustain damage to any of these vital areas. A single visit is all that’s necessary to get your mouthguard made.

Why Choose Professionally-Made Mouthguards?

You’ve probably seen kits at the chemist to make your own mouthguard. You boil water, then place a piece of plastic in it. After removing it, you bite into the plastic. So, what’s the problem with these kits? There are several reasons you may want to rethink using them. First, they won’t fit snugly like a professional-grade mouthguard will. You’ll likely find them bulky and awkward to wear. You won’t be able to speak with ease to your teammates.

If the mouthguard isn’t properly fitted, it won’t provide the measure of protection you need, either. Our mouthguards can even prevent a concussion from occurring. The risks of not wearing a mouthguard can result in broken teeth, damage to your cheeks, a jaw injury, and a head or neck injury. We’ll make sure you have a high degree of protection to these areas.

We Provide Splints for Teeth Grinding

Woman waking up with jaw painThere is another form of mouthguard that looks similar to one for sport but has a different purpose. Bruxism, which is a condition that involves chronic clenching or grinding of the teeth, can cause you a wide array of problems. Wearing on the teeth, broken teeth, cracked teeth, jaw pain and severe headaches are just a few of the common issues that teeth grinders experience.

You may clench your teeth in the daytime due to stress or grind them while you sleep at night. By wearing a splint, you can prevent damage to the enamel of your teeth and reduce the tension in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

It’s Easy to Get Started

Would you like to find out more about mouthguards Currambine for you or your child? Contact our friendly team today and book a consultation with us! This simple process involves taking impressions of your teeth. Our local laboratory will make your mouthguard in your choice of colours. We have bookings available on Saturdays that work well for families!


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